As CEO of THE OSHEA GROUP, Steffond Johnson has helped young basketball players manage the transition involved in moving from amateur level to professional level since 1992.

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We build market positions by locating, developing, defining, negotiating, and closing deals with our relationships across all sectors of business.

Steffond O’Shea Johnson is a retired American professional basketball player, he played in the NBA for the Los Angeles Clippers, CBA, Europe, South America and Canada, Asia, Turkey, Cyprus, Uruguay, Italy, Venezuela, Philippines (Red Bull) and Puerto Rico.
The power of creative branding is visible to all. 
He offers a wide range of branding entertainment and event platforms such as sporting events, fashion events, concert tours, movies, television, hosting engagements and public appearances.
He’ll develop a complete marketing program for the client’s regional, national and global advertising campaign, including everything from exotic excursions to arranging testimonials, press conferences, tours, personal appearances and special events to coordinating additional promotional and marketing opportunities, development of promotional campaigns, strategic media planning and execution and analysis of media trends.
Steffond is an entrepreneurial and charismatic advocate for fighting poverty, human suffering, trafficking, malaria and other of global health initiatives. 
Johnson launched and invested in a number of businesses through The O’SHEA GROUP with his registered trademark BEYOND THE GAME®️ which was a marketing tool for NCAA, AT&T, General Motors, CBS Sports, Coca Cola and Live Channel/Clear Channel. 
Steffond is also passionate about helping young athletes manage the transition involved in moving from the amateur level to the professional level and beyond through his role at BCI Edge and Courtside Live.
Steffond is a creative visionary who is always eager to encourage, challenge and inspire.

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